Center for Parent's Education

Center for Parent's Education

Center for Parent's Education (from conceiving to child's three years).

The program takes place in cycles of four weeks, with three lectures per week. The new cycle begins every first Monday of the month.

In cooperation with eminent experts in gynecology, neonatology, nutrition, psychology, physiatrics, defectology and other fields, participants (pregnant women or couples) are able to learn about pregnancy, delivery, childbirth pain relief, mental-hygienic approach to pregnancy and parenting, psychomotor development of the baby (intrauterine and to the first year), speech development, proper nutrition, proper breastfeeding, preparing breast for lactation, stem cells and their application in modern medicine, practical advice on neonates care, etc.

Education is performed by Nada Lazic.

The program is free.

Contact: Nada Lazić, telephone: 064.168. 2777

Hall: 3

Terms: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 19,30 -22,30h