Every child is an artist!  Pablo Picasso

Founded on the principle of every child’s right to culture and art, Majdan has the aim of fostering educational, cultural, artistic, sports and recreational programmes, paying particular attention to movement as a form of expression.

Majdan collaborates with important people in the lives of children, searching for a way of bringing them together and sharing the special knowledge and experience of teachers, parents, artists, cultural organizations and those who mastermind politics. In this way, we make it easier for all the children of Savski Venac and other areas of Belgrade to gain first-class cultural experience, to spend time at Majdan playing and taking part in the centre’s activities, and to discover more about themselves in their own way, in so doing developing their own specific skills and abilities.

The Children’s Cultural Centre Majdan exists to establish and develop a high standard of children’s culture, through collaboration with local, regional and international organizations of a similar kind.

From a sports hall to a ballet studio

The area covered by Majdan is designed to provide the necessary facilities for a variety of programmes, and has been adapted to suit all age groups. There is a sports hall, a children’s open-air playground, a ballet studio, a multifunctional area suitable for a wide variety of activities, an amphitheatre and several smaller halls, in all of which children can discover the world of play, movement, music, theatre, film...