About us

Children’s Cultural Center Majdan is an institution founded by City Municipality Savski venac in 1973 as Pioneer Center.  Ever since then, Majdan has been promoting and burturing cultural, sports and educational programs by which it encourages children, young people and adults to be creative, productively use their free time and discover the beauty of lifelong learning.  Rich content and openness for new initiatives are the grounds on which Majdan continues to build its reputation both locally and throughout the country and abroad.


The Center’s main parts are the sports hall, open playground, ballet hall, multifunctional classrooms for different uses, amphitheater and many smaller classrooms in which the citizens of Savski venac can discover the world of education, entertainment, dance, music, theater, movies and different sports.


The activities of the Center are continually advanced through artistic, educational and sports programs.

The “schools” of informal type enable users to acquire concrete knowledge in a chosen area.  The Center offers education in the area of acting, dance, ballet, music, foreign languages, electronics, programming, 3D animation, mathematics and many others.  Interested in sports may join the classes of volleyball, basketball, football, gymnastics, karate, aikido, yoga, fitness and numerous others.


Majdan supports intergenerational integrations which are best demonstrated within the Intergenerational Drawing class for the young and adults gathering four generations of participants.  Music school for the disabled, Parenting school and different psychological schools are just some of the additional programs Majdan regularly offers to both children and parents. 


In 2013, “The House of king Petar the First” formally became part of Majdan and ever since these two foundations operate as one unit with a unique agenda and promotional concept while applying contemporary models of cultural management and innovative approaches in event management and their target audience approach.  With the tradition of one hundred years, the family villa in Senjak has been transformed into a representative, highly functional object created for smooth organization of diverse cultural displays and events, from exhibitions, concerts, literary gatherings and presentations to fashion shows.  The house has been visited by numerous individuals and groups from both Serbia and abroad.  Very pleasant atmosphere of the 350 square meter villa with 8 rooms divided into three levels and a big garden offers a possibility of organizing most diversified events and tours through the House.