Folk dancing school “Terra Balkanika”

Folk dancing school “Terra Balkanika” was founded in 2015 with one goal – to present our tradition in a way it is preserved, from generation to generation, and to offer numerous opportunities for children as well as the adults. With special methods which are conducted in classes and with a fun learning process, you will come to know your first steps in folk dance, master coordination of movement through dancing, friendship and songs.


We start our program with basic dances like Moravac, Ja posejah lubenice, Mangupsko kolo, Divna divna etc. When the program is fully mastered it becomes choreography.


Friendship in our folklore community has always been special in its own way with lots of love and respect among participants. Thanks to our good work, solid base, organization, numerous acts, performances and travelling, we are able to create a community that eventually shows great results.


Within our school, we also offer a program for adults and individual work.


Terra Balkanika” resulted from cooperation between Maja Kragovic and Sasa Jankovic.


Maja Kragovic greatly contributes to the school with her rich experience and knowledge achieved in ballet school “Lujo Davico” (where she received a degree in section of folk dance) and in “High Vocational School for Education of Teachers” in section of traditional dance. She has conducted many rehearsals of modern and folk dance with children and has been an active dancer in Cultural Artistic Society “Dimitrije Tucovic” and a former dancer of National Ensemble “Kolo” and “Una Saga Serbica” troupe.


Sasa Jankovic, a long-time teacher in French school and a former player of the folklore ensemble from Paris also contributes and cooperates on this project.


Rehearsal time


Children aged 6-15: Saturday 12.00

Sunday 18.00


Adults: Monday, Friday, Sunday 19.00



064 402 4 229 Maja